Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here is a final design sketch for one of the Rapper/Henchmen characters in my story. He's the big-guy who doesn't talk much, but let's his size do the talking for him. I really like how his final design came out.

I wanted to add a female Rapper to my story so after a series of preliminary designs I came up with this final character design. Her belt houses her microphone kinda like a holster for a gun.
She's cute and sexy in the b-girl kind of way, but still can be taken seriously.

Hip-Hop DJ

This 2nd concept design for my DJ character. The story takes place in the future so I wanted to give him some sleek looking turn-tables. I also added some glowing lights, glowing-discs and flashy color panels to enhance his futuristic design.

The other character-face serves as the DJ's sidekick and computer buddy.