Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ya' best Protect ya' Neck!

This is a sketch of my main rival character in my hip-hop graphic novel. I really enjoy drawing this character because it allows me the chance to play around with
perspective and make him dynamic.

I can't wait to draw his battle scene with my main character--(See December & September post).

I wanted to create a Rapper /thug that looked strong and intimidating--(Kind of like Sagat from Street Fighter).

His design was inspired by characters like 50 Cent, M.O.P. Xzibit, to name a few.

But since my story takes place in the future his style had to look somewhat futuristic but still rugged for the streets.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first post of the new Year!!!

This isn't a picture of MLK, but mainly an image of what someone like MLK and President Obama represents...A Community Leader. It's just simply a picture of a Community Leader speaking to the people along with his wife. Again, this Illustration was created years ago, so I didn't have any particular person in mind when i created it.

Since it's Obama's Inauguration / MLK holiday and all, I thought It would be cool to post something to go along with the spirit of the occasion. This is an older illustration from years ago, but I thought it would be cool to use it anyway.

But anyways, that's it for now. Check me out again soon!