Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Character Designs for my Graphic Novel

One of my latest character designs for my graphic novel. I wanted to create a futuristic Rapper from the west coast. His design was inspired by some of my favorite Rappers on the West Coast-- (Game, Tupac, Xibit, Snoop Dog)

I really love this design. She's a News Reporter covering a few of the Rappers and major events happening in my story. She's basically like "Roxy or Free" from 106 & park mixed with "LA-LA" from her TRL days.
This is one of the characters that will appear in issue one of my Graphic Novel. He's one of my Rappers from the "dirty South".

His design was influenced by various Rappers from the south.

Another character design for my graphic novel. I wanted to create an intellectual, charismatic, business-type character who works in the music industry. I also wanted wanted him to have a slightly futuristic style to him. He will act as the opposite of my Big-Boss character down below.

This character was inspired by various hip-hop Moguls such as Sean"Puffy Combs, Russel Simmons and Sean-Jay-Z Carter.