Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It ain't hard to Tell....

Happy Holidays Fam!

I just wanted to show off another sketch of the main character from my graphic novel getting his "rhyme-on". I wanted to draw him in a pose that is dynamic, but still captures the look and feel of a Rapper on stage or in a battle.

My DJ character and his virtual pal. I really want to show the idea of hip-hop in the future and take the concept of the "dee-jaying" to the next level.

Another sketch of Mel, one of the main characters in my hip-hop inspired graphic novel i'm currently working on.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Check the Rhyme yal!

These are some illustrations for my hip-hop graphic novel. Since my main character is a Rapper, I wanted to draw a few rap poses and show him in action holding his microphone.

This is a redesign of my main character for my story. I wanted to change his style up a bit from the previous one (See my September blog for reference). This story takes place in the year 2035, so I wanted his clothes to have a l slightly more futuristic hip-hop look to them. My inspiration for his design was based off some of my favorite Rappers in the game right now such as Nas, and Lupe Fiasco.

New Character Designs for my Graphic Novel

Here is an earlier design for one of the main characters in my hip-hop graphic novel. I'm still working out a few tweaks, but I basically wanted to a cute, female hip-hop character to compliment the main character in the story. Her name is Mel.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Character Designs for my Graphic Novel

One of my latest character designs for my graphic novel. I wanted to create a futuristic Rapper from the west coast. His design was inspired by some of my favorite Rappers on the West Coast-- (Game, Tupac, Xibit, Snoop Dog)

I really love this design. She's a News Reporter covering a few of the Rappers and major events happening in my story. She's basically like "Roxy or Free" from 106 & park mixed with "LA-LA" from her TRL days.
This is one of the characters that will appear in issue one of my Graphic Novel. He's one of my Rappers from the "dirty South".

His design was influenced by various Rappers from the south.

Another character design for my graphic novel. I wanted to create an intellectual, charismatic, business-type character who works in the music industry. I also wanted wanted him to have a slightly futuristic style to him. He will act as the opposite of my Big-Boss character down below.

This character was inspired by various hip-hop Moguls such as Sean"Puffy Combs, Russel Simmons and Sean-Jay-Z Carter.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here is a final design sketch for one of the Rapper/Henchmen characters in my story. He's the big-guy who doesn't talk much, but let's his size do the talking for him. I really like how his final design came out.

I wanted to add a female Rapper to my story so after a series of preliminary designs I came up with this final character design. Her belt houses her microphone kinda like a holster for a gun.
She's cute and sexy in the b-girl kind of way, but still can be taken seriously.

Hip-Hop DJ

This 2nd concept design for my DJ character. The story takes place in the future so I wanted to give him some sleek looking turn-tables. I also added some glowing lights, glowing-discs and flashy color panels to enhance his futuristic design.

The other character-face serves as the DJ's sidekick and computer buddy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Redesign of my latest character from my upcoming graphic novel. This guy is basically the "big-boss character" aka the" main bad guy" in my story. I really enjoy drawing his character and basically wanted to create someone who could have an intimidating presence but still look cool.

Two more characters from my upcoming graphic novel. This one here is a hip-hop DJ. I decided to make him asian so I could diversivy more of the characters in my graphic novel. Hip-hop has such a following in other countries like Japan, so I think this character fits in well for my story.

This is another one of my character designs for my graphic novel. He is definitely a hip-hop inspired character as well as one of the bad-guys in my story.

This is one of the early concept illustrations for my current graphic novel that i'm working on. I illustrated the character in pencil, added inks, then scanned the picture and colored it in photoshop. I'm a big fan of japanese animation so I like to use their cell-shaded style for colors and shading in my pictures.