Friday, September 12, 2008

Redesign of my latest character from my upcoming graphic novel. This guy is basically the "big-boss character" aka the" main bad guy" in my story. I really enjoy drawing his character and basically wanted to create someone who could have an intimidating presence but still look cool.

Two more characters from my upcoming graphic novel. This one here is a hip-hop DJ. I decided to make him asian so I could diversivy more of the characters in my graphic novel. Hip-hop has such a following in other countries like Japan, so I think this character fits in well for my story.

This is another one of my character designs for my graphic novel. He is definitely a hip-hop inspired character as well as one of the bad-guys in my story.

This is one of the early concept illustrations for my current graphic novel that i'm working on. I illustrated the character in pencil, added inks, then scanned the picture and colored it in photoshop. I'm a big fan of japanese animation so I like to use their cell-shaded style for colors and shading in my pictures.