Thursday, June 18, 2009

Check out my new Video Portfolio!

I created this new video portfolio using a new tool called animoto. I think it's a cool way to market/promote your work online. Check them out

The Time is Now!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You've just made a new friend!

Okay, so here another space themed Illustration i've been working on. I really love the look of space fantasy, sci-fi, the future, etc. I just basically wanted to have some fun and create a cool futuristic-looking space chick. probably form earth or some other far-away planet.--(Hence the blue hair!) The illustration is entirely my own, but the spaceship & background was copy & pasted from other sources. The background was put together from various stock-photos of outer space. The space ship I actually copy & pasted from this Anime poster I saw for a something called "Koshika". I just basically manipulated the color scheme a bit, added some glow effects and BAM! Made it into my own. I really like how this Illustration turned out though. Definitely a fun diversion from working on my graphic novel.

Here is the original drawing. Started off in pencil, then I hand-inked the drawing & scanned it into Illustrator. (Art Tip)--For those who don't know, Adobe Illustrator CS2--(What I use) has a function that will trace/re-trace your drawing using various styles--(Blck & white, Ink drawing, sketch, comics, photo, etc). I tend to like to trace my drawing using the comic option. Illustrator gives me even better, cleaner lines than Photoshop. As you can also see, some of the lines a little broken up, but that can be fixed later on in Illustrator. Also, once i've finished tracing the drawing, I can easily import the picture into Photoshop for coloring.