Friday, September 12, 2008

Redesign of my latest character from my upcoming graphic novel. This guy is basically the "big-boss character" aka the" main bad guy" in my story. I really enjoy drawing his character and basically wanted to create someone who could have an intimidating presence but still look cool.


The Black Samurai said...

Very cool work! Love the designs and your colors! You know I can't wait for the comic book!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Suge Knight has influenced many big-time bad guy characters in hip hop graphic novels. It's cool though.

Did you peep Blokheds? You'll probably enjoy it. The recent animated episodes are really tight!

Looking forward to seeing the comic finished. Judging from your interests, you may be interested in

Chris Harrison said...

Thanks for the feedback! Suge Knight as well as many other hip-hops personalities help to influence my graphic novel. Yeah, i've seen Blokhedz--I think it's great. But Trust me, if you like them, then you're going to love my hip-hop story when it comes.

I'm taking hip-hop to a whole new level so check me out!