Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ya' best Protect ya' Neck!

This is a sketch of my main rival character in my hip-hop graphic novel. I really enjoy drawing this character because it allows me the chance to play around with
perspective and make him dynamic.

I can't wait to draw his battle scene with my main character--(See December & September post).


Brian Miller said...

What's up Chris!!

Thanks for checkin out my blog - you have some really nice work goin on here (this piece for instance!). Really cool feel to your illos too.

Nice to meet another designer tryin to make it in this game!

I'll be followin what you're doin - keep on!

Illink said...

Thanks for the comment. Your style is nice! You have some great work here as well. Your toon skills are on point. That's something I'm working on right now. Keep it coming!

Pablo Vaquero said...

great works men is fantastico

The Black Samurai said...

I love the weight and dynamism on this one! He has a lot of power coming from him! Almost like the thump of bass from your favorite sound system.


Very... very good art!!!