Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ya' Boy is Back!

It's been a couple of months since I posted some new artwork, but I'm back again. Hope my fellow artists out there are doing well and staying productive.

This just a quick piece I put together. Well, actually I started out by working on the character designs and well, it just kinda turned into this finished piece. This is actually a concept for an animated cartoon that I hope to pitch one day. Truthfully, I think I'm still in Sci-Fi mode after having seen Star Trek for the second time.


kalonji said...

long live to case carter :-)!
nice to see your work again :-)!!
big up

Chris Harrison said...

Glad to see you like the picture and thanks for the feedback!

The Black Samurai said...

I love the design of the characters. His gun is cool too! The realistic space background really pulls it all together.


Very nice!!!!

IVAN said...

buen trabajo.. esta muy currados . very goods works!!!


Is beautiful!!!

I congratulate you.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Hey Chris,
I'm checking out your archives and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Are you familiar with the animators Ralph Bakshi and Bill Plympton? Or better yet Matt Stone and Trey Parker? Or even Seth MacFarlane.

Excuse me but I don't know what you're overall plan is but I just want to say ditch the pitch and create your dreams. If you ever heard or caught Ralph Bakshi rants on youtube then you know what's up with folks working for television and film. They lack vision, afraid to lose their jobs and their tastes are dictated by focus groups. Many folks in Hollywood still can not understand why Tyler Perry is successful, don't care for his product but will ride his money train.
I say all this to say, I really hope that you're working on completing your animated project frame by frame, day in-day out, piece by piece.

I don't know if you know about the rise and fall of BET Animation under Reginald Hudlin the animated projects they never produced or aired. The "Read a Book" animation was already completed and not under BET animation division. BET Animation showed a number of trailers, clips, pitches but they never moved forward. Vin Diesel was/is producing a animated epic for Hanibal, which he eventually would like to see made into a film, but the only thing BET had was an animatic.

I just wanted to share this info with you because you have all the tools to make your dreams pop to life and a means to distribute it.