Sunday, June 14, 2009

You've just made a new friend!

Okay, so here another space themed Illustration i've been working on. I really love the look of space fantasy, sci-fi, the future, etc. I just basically wanted to have some fun and create a cool futuristic-looking space chick. probably form earth or some other far-away planet.--(Hence the blue hair!) The illustration is entirely my own, but the spaceship & background was copy & pasted from other sources. The background was put together from various stock-photos of outer space. The space ship I actually copy & pasted from this Anime poster I saw for a something called "Koshika". I just basically manipulated the color scheme a bit, added some glow effects and BAM! Made it into my own. I really like how this Illustration turned out though. Definitely a fun diversion from working on my graphic novel.

Here is the original drawing. Started off in pencil, then I hand-inked the drawing & scanned it into Illustrator. (Art Tip)--For those who don't know, Adobe Illustrator CS2--(What I use) has a function that will trace/re-trace your drawing using various styles--(Blck & white, Ink drawing, sketch, comics, photo, etc). I tend to like to trace my drawing using the comic option. Illustrator gives me even better, cleaner lines than Photoshop. As you can also see, some of the lines a little broken up, but that can be fixed later on in Illustrator. Also, once i've finished tracing the drawing, I can easily import the picture into Photoshop for coloring.



MUY BUENO, me gusta!!!


Pablo Vaquero said...

Hey man.
Excellent work friend, good colors and your style is brilliant(genial), and thank you very much for the commentaries, I like it(him,her) I spread good artists, as they say to your me that I am working well. Thank you very much